"In order to be inreplaceable one must always be different - Coco Chanel"

When you meet Alana Wolfe you’re quickly satisfied that she could be a candidate for Australia’s favourite girl next door. She’s sweet, petite, well spoken and her subtle gestures perfectly exemplify her gorgeous features. But as you start to uncover the many diverse layers of Miss Wolfe you catch a glimpse of her sharp perceptiveness; a trait that informs her astute diligence and fervent work ethic.

Despite Alana’s instantly recognised charisma, the blonde bombshell and Australia’s favourite Penthouse Pet was shy and reserved in her younger years. Growing up in the quiet suburbs of Sydney, Australia, Alana always dreamt of becoming a model but her inherent shyness always prevented her.

In 2012 Alana summoned the courage to enter her first modeling competition. Alana proved her intuition correct and came to life on stage. She immediately fell in love with the feeling of modeling; becoming confident, empowered and glamorous within her own skin. The competition unlocked her intricate character further, and encouraged her to pursue modeling professionally. Her desire for perfection paramount, she is both constantly seeking to challenge herself and always chasing her dreams.
Alana’s quiet diligence assisted her greatly when she took the step into creating a professional modeling portfolio. Never compromising her integrity, her quest for quality led her to Sydney’s most respected photographer, heavy hitter, Richard Arthur.
For years Alana had dreamt of her first shoot with Arthur but on the day it flowed more flawlessly than she imagined. She came to life in front of the camera; her bubbly, playful character transferring seamlessly to film and she naturally exuded a sensual elegance in Agent Provocateur lingerie.

To her equal surprise and delight Alana’s first ever professional shoot was also to become her first publication cover. Her finesse, fluidity and natural beauty paid her dividends and after 4 months of keeping the news a secret she was able to announce that she had also secured the illustrious title of Australian Penthouse Pet for April 2014.
With the Penthouse cover widely well-received Alana’s profile rapidly grew, cementing her an adoring fan base and expanding support.

During the lead up to the Australian Penthouse Pet Awards Miss Wolfe’s demand sky rocketed and her diligence for which she is now well known saw her gracefully juggling a variety of local and international work. Included in this was a coveted guest spot as a judge for Miss Nude Australia and an invitation to the infamous Playboy Mansion for Hef’s Midsummer Night’s Dream party. Undeniably a dream come true for any model.

Away from all of the international travel, cameras and gorgeous lingerie Alana enjoys the quiet comfort of home and a diverse array of interests including abstract expressionist painting, which she explains helps inform her vision in modeling, and her studies in Dog Behaviorism. In her down time you can catch her wearing floppy Batman T’shirts, walking her dogs and watching Disney Movies. Her ‘boys’, a small breed Spoodle and a large breed Kangal, complete her little family.

Overall Alana prides herself on her ‘all natural’ approach to modeling and hopes that her passion and commitment to this will lead many other women to not only realize the depth of their own beauty but inspire them to chase their own dreams.

For Alana, the time is now. With many exciting developments in the pipeline Alana’s dual beauty, intelligence and quiet determined nature certainly make her a model to keep your eye on!